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上群建築事務所成立於 2010 年,我們的專業團隊融合了台灣、美國、英國、香港等地的學經歷背景;提供業主全方位的服務,研擬出最佳的建築與室內設計方案。

上群團隊累績超過十年的建築設計資訊模型 (BIM) 經驗,並具備美國綠建築 (LEED AP) 的專業;作品跨足公共工程與私人案,包括各類型住宅、旅館、餐飲、賣場、辦公樓、運動設施、精品名牌、幼兒、教育;作品分佈在台灣、美國加州、越南、印尼等地。


ADP was founded in 2010, our team integrates members of various backgrounds: Taiwan, USA, UK, and Hong Kong; we provide with a full range of services and develops the best architectural and interior design solutions.

We have accumulated more than ten years of experience in BIM and has the expertise in LEED AP. Our works span both public and private sectors, including various types of residence, hospitality, restaurant, commercial, office building, sports facility, boutique brand, children and education. Projects are built in Taiwan, California, Vietnam and Indonesia.

We continue to work towards the concept of collaborating modernism with local characteristic and technology, and through the architectural design spirit of professional artisans, we help owners create good works that are aesthetic, practical, and environmentally friendly.

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